First Presbyterian Church of Marysville
Corner of Sampson Street and Rideout Way
Life and Groups of the First Presbyterian Church
Lighthouse Beacons, A social group that meets every month on the second Friday at 6:30pm at a different restaurant each month for great food and fellowship. Everyone is welcome to come and get acquainted and make new friends. If you would like to come the restaurant information is in the Newsletter and Calendar page. Or you can contact us and we will forward the information to you.  
Currently there are two Women's Circles that meet each month for Bible Study and Fellowship

Deborah Circle, Is a Presbyterian Women's Group. The Women get together every month for Bible Study and fellowship. They meet the second Tuesday of each month at 10:30 am., all women are welcome to join. 

Susanna Circle, Is a Presbyterian Women's Group. They meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm based in Gridley, CA. 

The Women of the Presbyterian Church have a yearly Salad Luncheon to raise monies for special projects at First Pres., and for mission work that the women choose to donate to each year. 

The Women's organization also help organize and host memorial receptions for the family after a memorial service. This free's up the family from having to do all the work in preparing, serving, and cleaning up after the memorial. 
The First Presbyterian Session is the governing body of the church were decisions are made on how the church is run. They are the brains of the organization. The Administrative Committee is also a working partner advising Session on financial matters. Our Facilities manager is also a working partner in making sure that the facilities are being managed and repairs are being tended to regularly. Everyone serving in this area are Elders of the First Presbyterian Church. The dedication and the willingness of each individual serving in each of their ministries is such a great and wonderful asset to the First Presbyterian Church of Marysville. 
The First Presbyterian Church Deacons are the heart of the church. They are involved in mission work for the congregation. Deacons have started offering home communion to some of our members that are ill or homebound and cannot make it to church on Sundays. 

Deacon's contribute $75.00 a month (of the monies received into the Deacons fund) to Christian Assistance Network (C.A.N.). A neighborhood organization that helps people with limited resources with food and clothing and other needs as funds are available. Deacon's also manage an Emergency Food Closet. The Food Closet at FPC helps folks when Christian Assistance Network is closed. If folks do not have transportation to Yuba City, Deacons will help them at FPC. Every year we also help folks with limited resources with Thanksgiving and Christmas Baskets as funds are available. 

Deacon's are also involved with The Regional Emergency Shelter Team, (R.E.S.T). They provide temporary housing for homeless families and women and children during the winter months. Area churches are helping by providing a week or two weeks at participating churches. The Program runs from December 1st. through April 6th. If you would like to help or donate to the Deacon's fund to further the mission work for the community. Please send your donation to, FPC, 1940 Freeman Street, Marysville, CA 95901. Please mark Deacon's fund on the memo line of your check. Thank you for your support!
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Welcome to our church where you find people that really care about each other. 

A place where you will feel welcomed and where no one is judging you.

A place where you can grow and have a relationship with God. 

A place where you can forgive and be forgiven.

A place were there is no dress code just wear some clothes. 

So come to worship on Sunday at 10:30am everyone is welcome.

Children's Ministries: We have two programs for children. They are Campership and VBS. 

Campership: Children that want to go to summer camp. FPC sends children to Westminister Woods each year.  School age children and their parents have fundraisers throughout the year to raise the needed funds in order to go to camp. They end up having an expeirience that will carry them throughout their years into adult-hood. The camp is centered around God with some fun thrown in. Where they make friends, and learn about God and the great outdoors. 

VBS: Another children's ministry that happens each year for a week of fun, crafts, stories, and games. Which are centered around God. It is a great and wonderful way that children can have good clean fun during the summer months. This usually is scheduled for the last week in July. It runs for half a day and gives children and parents or grandparents the opportunity to share in the fun, crafts, stories and games along with the children. Great fun for all. 

Below are some of the meetings and programs we do each week, each month and each year.

Wednesday afternoon Bible Study with the Pastor meets each Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 pm. Sunday School every sunday during worship except on Communion Sundays. 
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