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This year's VBS was held on July 22 - July 26 from 9am to 12noon. A great time was had by all. Sharing some of the highlights below!
Vacation Bible School for the First Presbyterian Church of Marysville
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Vacation Bible School 

 This years VBS was a huge success! A Huge Thank you to all the volunteers. Special Thanks to Kingdom Message Christian Center for leading this years Vacation Bible School! Gratitude to Pastor Rich, Co-Directors Summer Carlton, and Robbie Loftis. All the Volunteers: Diana Mullholland, Erica Carbajal, Mae Van Dorpe, Carolyn Hinkle, Terry Rhodes, Loree Austin, Francisco Ruiz, Chris, Jordan, Mikey, Colton, and playing the Piano, Janet Van Norman. Thanks to all who donated stuff, food and monies to make this year's VBS possible. 
VBS 2015
We would like to Thank KMCC for taking the leadership role in Vacation Bible School again this year. This year Summer Carlton was the VBS Director. Robbie Loftis and Diana Heffner teamed up to do crafts and lead, Erica Carbajal lead the younger group and Chris Bradshaw was the Recreation Leader. Pastor Rich did Bible Story time and Bishop Larry helped out wherever he was needed and also took pictures. Pastor Mae was one of the leaders and helped wherever she was needed. Janet Van Norman was the music coordinator and played the piano and helped the children with singing the praise songs. Judy McLeod, Karen Washington, Trish Landis and June Ruiz manned the kitchen. About 20 to 25 children were in attendance this year. “The children had a really fun time and learned how to praise God in many ways from learning, singing and crafting. Thank you to Kris Carlton and Richard Loftis for helping with constructing some of the set used in the Sanctuary. Also Angel and Joey for helping out with different projects. Thank you to Rosanna Baker for the (art work) Silhouettes, and helping with the ordering and shopping. Thank you to Nancy Aaberg for donating all the paper products and cutlery for VBS, Thank you to Jackie Parsell and Linda Benner for donating food, Dorothy Leeper for donating craft items, Janet Van Norman for donating plants, food and potting soil, Summer Carlton for donating craft items. Connie Horton for donating cutlery and cups. Thank you to those of you that donated monies. Other needed items were purchased with funds from Bartos and Campership funds. The blessing of two churches coming together to worship and praise God in this project was a great blessing for each church which in turn was a blessing to all the children that attended during the week of VBS. Thank you to everyone who participated and the parents and grandparents for bringing the children this year. If we left any one out we apologize.

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